Call for Participants – Stand Up for Human Rights, From knowledge to Advocacy. 14-22 May 2017 – Prishtina, Kosovo

We are glad to welcome you to “Stand Up for Human Rights from Knowledge to Advocacy” an “Erasmus +” Programme project, that is going to take place in Pristina, Kosovo from 14-21 May 2017

The project aims in overall to develop competencies of the participants and their organizations to raise awareness on human rights, advocate for human rights and contribute to creating social inclusive society where human rights are being respected by various stakeholders.

Objectives of the project:

  • To strengthen participant’s knowledge on human rights, mechanisms of protection of human rights, conflict between human rights, human rights education and advocacy for human rights;
  • To increase competencies of participants and participating organizations to address violations of human rights and raise awareness of citizens, especially of young people, on importance of protection of human rights;
  • To raise participant’s abilities to use online learning, digital tools and visualization in their work practices;
  • To develop competencies of participants and participating organizations to realized effective and successful human rights campaigns;
  • To support creating new human rights campaigns tackling actual an issues in participating countries;
  • To develop participant’s competencies in area of teamwork, communication, leadership and presentation;
  • To provide the participants an opportunity to increase their knowledge of Erasmus + Programme and work on new projects ideas aiming to develop competencies of other stakeholders in area of human rights;

We are looking for 36 participants (12 countries) from:
Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Germany and Denmark
Who: Motivated coordinators, key members, youth workers and active volunteers from the partner organizations.

Age: 18+

Gender: Our partners are kindly invited to send equal number of participants from both genders.

To apply click here

Deadline for application 14 April 2017.



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